Problem Management

Problem Management continues to make a vital contribution to service level management. If problems can't be trapped and addressed within agreed service times, it is very difficult to meet service commitments. CrossView's Problem Management system has links to products like HP's OpenView®, to Tivoli®, and to BMC's Patrol® for event collection. 

Problems can also be promoted from any help desk, from a CrossView transaction (help desk, change, service request etc) or can be input directly. For the purposes of service delivery and routing, problems can be grouped by problem category and problem type. Problems are tracked and escalated if they are not addressed in the service times.

The Problem Management system uses a concept of responsible group and responsible person.

CrossView can route the problem to a group manager who can appoint a responsible person, or the problem can be routed to a person directly. Time and date information on problem occurrence and solution activity is recorded. This information can be analyzed to determine how effectively problems are being addressed and how well service expectations are being met. As a result, CrossView Problem Management enables responsibility and accountability.