Help Desk

Help desks have evolved rapidly in the last few years. They have grown from telephone support, to sophisticated Call Centers, to now being an integral part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Many large companies have embraced the latest approach, integrating many of the functions related to customers (purchasing habits) and  configuration (procurement). The Call Center is the "world's" view of service and is a vital part of determining the effectiveness of service delivery. Nevertheless, at a basic level, the Call Centre is just a process to determine problems and pass those problems to the right person for solution. CrossView's help desk is available for companies that have not yet implemented a help desk, or are not satisfied with the help desk they have, generally because it is neither scalable nor integrated. 

CrossView's help desk is not meant to be a replacement for a Call Center product. It encompasses the major help desk functions and exists principally to enable help desk transactions to be promoted to problems. Its real value is that it is an integration point for other CrossView data. From CrossView's link page, a user can readily view all other CrossView activity and trace the progress of a transaction. CrossView's help desk has functions such as customer identification, displays of calls outstanding for this customer and this company, call category and type, and promotion to problems. It will also determine if there are other similar calls, as would be the case where there are event "storms".