CrossView has the following major systems - help desk, problem, change, configuration, and service level. While all of these are integrated, it is not necessary to implement them all at once; although you must implement at least one of problem, change or configuration to implement service level management. You can start with one system and implement the others over time. Within the above systems, CrossView has a sophisticated set of workflow transaction types encompassing service request, suggestion query, action items and incident evaluations. These transaction types support CrossView's simple approach - if you can measure it, you can control it; if you can account for it, you can ensure responsibility for it; if you provide an effective method of automatic communication, you can ensure the right people have the right information.

CrossView recognizes that there are many products that manage items such as configuration, events and help desk. CrossView interfaces with products like Patrol®, OpenView® and Tivoli®. CrossView's strength is in its integration of your vital data and the resulting availability of so much information to allow you to control your environment. CrossView enables you to manage the unexpected in order to achieve agreed service levels and to report on those achievements. What's the point of getting there and not telling everyone? What's the point of failing and not knowing?